Permanent Hair Straightening: What, When, And How

Women love to have long, beautiful, shining, and straight looking hair. In order to get this, they try different things, and permanent hair straightening is one of them. Before opting for hair straightening permanently, know what it means

What Is Permanent Hair Straightening?

Permanent Hair Straightening removes your wavy curls permanently using chemical treatments to give you Straight flowing hair without using a styler daily. Though there are several ways of doing this, the following 2 steps are integral to this process:

a. Salons first use a sodium based product on your hair to break the Kertain structure and make it more manageable.

b. Secondly, an oxidant that helps to neutralize the keratin action is added to set the fibers of your hair in the desired shape.

How Much Does Permanent Hair Straightening Cost?

Usually costs around Rs.4000 – Rs.6000 based on the Salon and the Brand of your choice. While Loreal treatment may be costly, they usually last longer.

Types Of Permanent Hair Straightening

Permanent hair straightening is again split into different kinds depending on the technique involved. They give you the same silky straight locks but just in different ways!

  • Keratin treatment
  • Japanese straightening (thermal reconditioning)
  • Chemically straightened hair
  • Hair Rebonding

Keratin Treatment Or The Brazillian Straightening Technique

Keratin Treatment

While we have no idea why we call it the Brazillian technique, we can assure you that this is one of the most sought after methods of hair straightening these days.

What is Keratin?

Keratin is the natural protein in our Hair. It is also present in our Teeth and Nails. It helps our Hair by keeping it straight and shiny. As the protein content decreases with an unbalanced diet and age, Keratin levels will decrease. Consequently, our hair becomes frizzy, tangled, and dry. To get sleek hair we need to replace the protein content in our hair. A treatment based on this process is called “Brazilian Blowout”.

This treatment basically adds a coating of keratin on your hair shaft which leaves you with silky straight hair. Whence most hair straightening techniques especially the permanent ones are damaging to your hair, in the long run, this technique is a lot safer. The keratin reduces the frizz and makes your hair straight. It is also a lot safer to use on chemically treated and even damaged hair. The treatment will take a maximum of two hours to finish.

It does NOT use strong chemicals to open and close the hair cuticle in an effort to straighten it. Keratin is a natural substance that comprises 88% of your hair. After applying a keratin solution to the hair, a 450-degree flat iron is used to seal the formula into all of the strands of your hair. This creates a moisture barrier that reduces frizz and curls while promoting a shiny look.

While most people call this permanent, the truth is that it only lasts for a maximum of 6 months. The advantage, however, is that the hair comes back to its original structure gradually, instead of having just one or two inches of going crazy on you. This can also be done repeatedly with no worries and in all honesty, this is the one treatment that gives better results on repeated usage! At least we now know why it is the most preferred of late.

Pros Of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

  1. This Hair Treatment is safe for hair and is available after extensive research.
  2. It makes hair super soft and silky.
  3. It makes Hair shiny just like in the TV ads. Sleek and manageable hair adds a layer of sophistication to your look. It’s easier to move out in the morning without spending an hour straightening.
  4. It is suitable for all hair types.
  5. The treatment claims to have no side effects.
  6. Suitable for both men and women.
  7. It obviates the need for chemical hair products like sprays and mousse. It is a replacement of keratin protein on hair that gives very good results.
  8. This treatment provides extra care from the sun and pollution from the atmosphere and also repairs the damaged hair cuticles. In the first week after the Keratin hair straightening treatment, the hair may look a little dull because of too much keratin build up on the hair. But not to worry, the final results, once the treatment has settled, are worth it!
  9. Too many compliments!

There is just one word of caution. I seem to be spending more time on makeup and clothes as I don’t have to straighten my hair every day. The compliments are addictive!

Cons Of Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment

  1. It is an expensive treatment. Research all your options before investing in this treatment. For me, it’s the convenience v/s the cost
  2. Pregnant women should not go for this hair treatment. This product may emit some gases which are not suitable for pregnant women. Avoid any chemical hair treatment during pregnancy as they may contain formaldehyde.
  3. You need to use Sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners for washing and maintenance after the treatment.
  4. You will end up spending more money and effort in managing chemically treated hair
  5. For Better results, you will need well-trained hair stylists increasing treatment costs.
  6. Chemically treated hair is prone to hair breakage and hair loss. This is not unique to this treatment. Perms and coloring also lead to the same results. Take good care of your hair with leave in conditioners etc
  7. There is always a chance of allergic reactions. Hence, opt for genuine products at a reputed salon. Insist upon a patch test to rule out any after effects like rash, itching, etc.

Some Shampoos Contains Keratin For Better After Care

  • Sunsilk Hydra TLC with Nutri-Keratin, Shampoo
  • Tresemme Keratin Shampoo

These shampoos are helpful in maintaining the results after Keratin Hair protein Treatment.

A few tips to keep in mind for this treatment:

  • Proper care must be taken to protect your eyes and skin while undergoing this treatment
  • Avoid repeating chemical hair treatments frequently. After this treatment gives your hair a rest. Do not attempt another chemical treatment for the next 6-8 months. If you repeat these hair treatments aggressively you will incur extensive hair damage. Let your hair grow back.

Japanese Straightening Or Thermal Reconditioning

Japanese Straightening

This is a technique that employs both chemicals and heat. So yeah you should really discuss this thoroughly before committing to it.

Primarily started in Japan as a smoothing plus conditioning treatment, the Japanese Hair Straightening procedure promotes permanent alteration in the structure of the hair. In this procedure, the cysteine protein bond of hair gets loosened and is reshaped by the straightening of hair cells.

In this procedure, a chemical is applied for about 15 to 20 mins to break the bonds of the hair. After this, the hair is subjected to extreme heat to restructure the bonds into a straight type. This is then again treated with chemicals to lock in the bonds and protect the hair.

The entire procedure of Japanese Hair Straightening involves numerous steps that vary as on the length and texture of your hair. It is generally a long and time-consuming procedure that takes no less than six to eight hours depending on the length of your hair. That’s not all; Japanese Hair Straightening requires another hour or so for the next follow-up session after three days of getting the treatment done. This straightening lasts for at least 6 or 7 months.×

This technique, however, does not have 100% results, You need to have the right hair type for this to work. Those with this hair type have had extremely great results that have only required touch-ups but those who don’t seem to have very mixed reactions to it. It is also important to keep in mind that this procedure is not done on hair that has been subject to chemical treatments before. Also, this can be done in many different ways, meaning the chemicals employed are varying and it is best to discuss it with a specialist at length before deciding on which one you want to go with.

Things To Consider Before Japanese Permanent Straightening

Japanese hair straightening, no doubt is a great styling option for styling, but you need to consider some factors before getting it done.

  1. Once you get your hair straightened permanently, you cannot try different looks, such as curls as this may cause damage to your newly treated hair. Hence, if you are fond of trying new looks all the time, then it’s recommended to avoid Japanese Hair Straightening in the first place.
  2. Also, avoid straightening, if your hair has undergone any intensive chemical treatments, such as coloring, and bleaching, as your hair may be prone to a great amount of damage. There are chances that your scalp may get irritated resulting in immense hair loss. Therefore, conduct a strand test in case of doubts, to see how your hair reacts to chemicals.
  3. The type of your hair is the most important factor to be considered before Japanese Hair Straightening. If you have African curls, then Japanese Hair Straightening is not the treatment to be considered, as strong chemicals can be devastating for such delicate tresses. Also, the treatment exposes the hair to heat for a longer duration, which can cause lots of damage to the hair. African hair can be straightened using hair relaxing treatment, which is far gentler on the mane.
  4. However, once you get the Japanese Hair Straightening process, you have to make sure that your hair is protected from the sun and is properly moisturized. Hence, treat your newly straightened hair with deep conditioning hair on a regular basis. If you want to color your hair, then you will have to wait for at least one to two months after the treatment.
    Some experts do claim that Japanese Hair Straightening treatment is not harmful; however, you need to remember that any procedure that has the potential to alter your hair’s natural structure cannot be safe. Last but not the least; get the Japanese Hair Straightening done by a well known and experienced stylist if you don’t want to have any awful experiences.

Chemical Straightening

Chemical Straightening

This is also known as the hair relaxing technique. Now, with this technique, it is all about breaking the bonds rather than protein bonds in the hair. When the right number of bonds are broken then the curly or wavy hair becomes straight. This is the principle behind it. This, however, needs the professional to be very careful and also experienced in this matter.

You need to test to see the right combination for if too many bonds are broken your hair will go limp and at the same time if a sufficient number isn’t broken then the hair doesn’t straighten out. So this is a fairly tricky procedure to opt for.

Permanent straightening is a very expensive procedure of course and that is why companies have come up with so many at-home kits for it! The market for permanent hair straightening products at home is just so very large that it is a golden opportunity. While these kits don’t give bad results, keep in mind that this is a very precisely timed process and mistakes can be very dangerous. At a salon, you will get customized and experienced care that you can’t give yourself. So think about it well before you decide.

Things To Consider Before Chemical Straightening

  • The nature of the relaxing formula to be used depends on the hair that has to be treated.
  • Hair straightening treatments will weaken the hair. This is the result of breaking the bonds, which is necessary to relax the curls. Great care must be taken in the first application and particularly in touch-up applications. Overlapping too much onto previously relaxed hair can result in excessive breakage.
  • This is another reason to leave this one to a professional and experienced hairdresser.
  • It is well worth the money and not worth the risk of doing irreversible damage to the hair by attempting straightening with a relaxer at home.

Hair Rebonding

Hair Rebonding

The rebonding treatment is a boon for women who have problems taming their wavy, dense or “large” hair. Hair that is decently rebonded will keep its fluency for a lengthy period of moment. It is simply in the original hair or regrowth region where curls or waves will be seen. Popular though rebonding maybe, the fact remains that hair that has been rebounded or straightened several times, or too previously colored remains weak at its roots. Rebonding will require much maintenance and security during the next rebounding or straightening handling because of its sensitized and fragile circumstance

Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that makes your hair straight, sleek, and shiny. It is a permanent and expensive procedure. Prices for the treatment may vary across salons due to products used, service, hair type, and post treatment care.

Each type of hair has a natural bond. Curly or wavy, are the result of natural bonds that give the hair its physical quality. The cream softener or relaxant used in the rebounding treatment breaks the hair structure. Then a neutralizer bonds the structure again and makes the hair straight. In simpler terms, the rebounding treatment changes your natural hair structure.

Various do it yourself kits are available for these treatments and you can opt for these if you have experience in permanent hair straightening at home.

Just remember that chemicals weaken the hair hence they need more care and attention. Opt for homemade hair masks such as banana and avocado masks and pamper your hair with a hot oil treatment. Great hair makes you feel more confident so now you can rule the world and look great while doing it.

Hair Glaze Treatment

If shine is what you are looking for rather than straight hair, then you should consider the hair glaze treatment which adds shine to all hair types.

The New Hair Glaze Treatment has become really popular among teens. A technique where you can make any type of hair shine and glaze is pretty hard to pass on. The hair care industry abounds in hair treatments that promise to deliver superior results and get us closer to our desired look. One of the relatively recent hair treatments that promise to deliver a beautiful sheen is hair glaze, which can work for any hair type.

Although hair glazes are often referred to as hair glosses, there is a slight difference between the two concepts. A gloss actually penetrates the hair cuticle and lasts for two to four weeks. A glaze, however, is simply coating the hair shaft and, as a result, it lasts less, usually only about a week or two.

As far as the application of hair glazes is concerned, it should be mentioned that it can vary depending on the brand chosen. Generally, however, hair glazes are applied on wet hair and left on for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing them off. Hair glazes which are heat activated are also available.

Applying hair glazes at home might leave the hair drier than those applied in the salon. Sticking with clear glazes if you prefer home treatments can be a safe alternative.

Side Effects Of Permanent Hair Straightening

  • A mix of straight and curly hair when the hair is growing.
  • Repetition of the process to retain the look.
  • Excessive dryness and frizziness.
  • Can cause an itchy scalp, dandruff, and other related problems.
  • Damage to the hair texture.
  • Hair fall, split ends, and loss of natural shine.

Post Care

  • With so many products used on your hair, restore health and nutrition by eating healthy and having lots of water.
  • Use only recommended products as recommended by the stylist.
  • Avoid scrubbing hard with a towel.
  • Follow the specified rules by the stylist and make routine salon visits.

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