Best Hair Wash Tips – Our Top 10

We know that it’s too banal to discuss hair wash and its importance. But, all of us tend to make silly mistakes while following this process. There are several minute points to learn even at the advanced stage of hair care. Let’s discuss some very basic tips for hair wash.

Here are The Top 10 Hair Wash Tips

1. Soaking

Rinse your hair properly for a minute before applying shampoo. Soak it well with water for a minute. Use lukewarm water (hot water can dry your hair) for following this step. This is recommended to open the pores of the scalp.

2. Use cold water

Always! Always! Always! Rinse your hair with cold water, at least in the final step. If possible, make it a point to remove all your conditioner and shampoo by washing your hair with cold water. Rinsing with cold or normal water helps to close the cuticles and seals the moisture in each strand. This is the holy grail of all hair washing tips!

3. Avoid rubbing harshly

Always prefer to towel dry your hair, when not in a hurry. But, don’t be harsh while rubbing your hair with a towel. This can cause severe damage and make your hair look very dull. In fact, try squeezing out the excess water gently or leave it to dry on its own. It the definitely the most important and among the best hair wash tips you can get from an expert!

4. Oiling before Shampoo

Our grandma was not wrong when they instructed us to apply oil before every hair wash. Always apply and massage hair oil to your scalp and hair 2-3 hours before you plan to wash your hair. You can use coconut, olive, or mustard oil. Shampoos contain harsh ingredients that can strip essential oils from your hair strands and oiling helps to fight this problem.

5. Detangle

Don’t forget to detangle your hair before or during shampooing before washing your hair. Detangling before shampooing can ease the hair knots. It is even harder to detangle your hair when it is wet. Wet hair is weak and more fragile. You can try to detangle it by dividing your hair into four sections. This is again amongst the most ignored of the best hair washing tips

6. Dilute shampoo

Wait before you throw away your shampoo bottle due to flaking at the hairline or temple area. Maybe this tip can work! Always dilute your shampoo by mixing it with water. This will lower the concentration of the shampoo applied to the hair and scalp.

7. Conditioning your hair

Now it’s conditioner time if you are done with rinsing after shampooing. Never apply conditioner to your scalp, always apply with the help of a comb for even application. Rinse it off in 1-2 minutes or leave it as per the directions. Take care to wash it off completely, any residue can harm your hair and make it look dull.

8. Scrubbing

Never scrub your scalp harshly. Do it very gently in small circles. You can use your finger pads to loosen any dirt, skin flakes, residue, and natural oils. Rinse after scrubbing with lukewarm water for a minute.

9. Massage

Massage your head while shampooing with your finger in a circular motion from front to back and back to front. Keep repeating this motion for several minutes. This helps to stimulate and exfoliate your scalp.

10. Brush during shower

Always begin your hair shower by brushing your hair. This helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, reduce hair fall, and prevent pore clogging. This can also reduce split ends and hair fall.

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