How To Straighten Your Hair Naturally With Milk?

Are you tired of your messy tresses and do you plan to Straighten Your Hair once and for all? Are you looking for a chic mane makeover but cannot afford the expensive salon treatments? More often than not we tend to compromise on our beauty just because we feel not doing so would put holes in our pockets.

But then, what if you can do wonders to your hair by using just some milk in your home? That would be great, right? Milk has many wonderful properties that can do magic to your skin and hair. Wondering how? Read on to know how to straighten hair with milk!

How Does Milk Benefit The Hair?

Milk contains two kinds of proteins, whey, and casein. Casein and whey are both good for your hair. A low protein diet may cause your hair to thin or stop growing. Your hair health depends on how healthy you are. Milk protein helps thicken the hair and adds a natural shine to it.

1. Makes Your Hair Strong And Shiny

Whey stems hair loss, reverses it, and strengthens your hair. It is a supplement for building muscle mass. The topical use of whey stimulates the hair follicles. You can use a whey protein paste (whey, egg yolk, honey, and water) to get healthier and shinier hair.

2. Helps In Hair Growth

The other milk protein, casein, is rich in glutamine, which is an essential amino acid. According to the Society of Investigative Dermatology, glutamine improves hair follicle growth and therefore casein is essential for the growth of hair.

How To Straighten Hair Naturally With Milk:

There is a recipe to make a milk hair-straightening solution! Read to know!

You Will Need:

  • 1/3rd cup of milk
  • A spray bottle
  • A comb (preferably wide-toothed comb)


  1. Fill a spray bottle with milk. Coconut milk is possibly the best hair straightener (2). Although you can use any type of milk, the thick extra creamy milk will deliver better results. You can even consider using milk powder for the hair mask.
  2. Spray the milk evenly on your damp hair. Remember that you need to condition all of your tresses, so make sure you spray enough on the scalp as well as the hair tips.
  3. Use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your hair. Do not let your hair curl up or get frizzy as it may trap milk, which will solidify and be a pain to remove later.
  4. Keep massaging the scalp. You need to give the milk the time to soak into the hair, nourish it and straighten the strands. You can perform other chores like throw the clothes in for a wash, shave your legs, or even do your nails, in the meanwhile.
  5. Rinse your hair thoroughly, so that you do not smell of milk later!
  6. Let the hair dry. If you have wavy hair, the milk mask will work like magic and straighten it. However, if you have a curly mane, it will soften and condition your curls.


There are some cautions you should exercise before using milk to straighten your hair.

  1. If you are lactose-intolerant or have an allergy to milk, refrain from using milk to straighten hair.
  2. Comb the hair gently. Do not yank it, or you might end up damaging it.
  3. The milk straightening technique might not work well on curls or perms.
  4. Go ahead and try this home remedy to manage your mane menace better.

Now that you know how to straighten hair naturally with milk, let us know if you’ll give it a try. Share in the comment box below!

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