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There is nothing that melts the heart of a well-calloused outdoor man more than a surprise gift of a survival kit. Veitorld has just the right gear for you, introducing the 12-in-1 kit available on Amazon.

This is a complete gear that fixes you up real good when it comes to surviving in the wild. Very light to even fit in your backpack, this gear comes in a waterproof and battle-ready case that is small like a book. There is also some extra space thrown in to allow you to add some of the things you would like.

Just a quick look at the kit, you have a very sharp, rust-free, and very durable steel blade with an aluminum handle that comes in black. This knife has other amazing features added also; it has a bottle opener, a seatbelt cutter, and a glass breaker in case of those emergencies.  You also have this very rustic and stylish survival bracelet complete with its compass and 5 other cool added features (a whistle and a fire starter are some of those added features) that make your navigation very convenient.

Thrown in a very versatile spoon-fork (a spork) that has its knife-edge, a bottle opener, and a whistle again. This wonderful spork brags a 7-in-1 use. A tactical pen is included, which also does not only serve as a pen but has a glass breaker of its own.

You do not have to worry about the darkness with the tactical flashlight that has 3 lighting modes; high, low then SOS signal. It can easily be hung on your belt as it comes with a belt clipper so you won’t have to fumble a lot when darkness encroaches.

 There are a  lot of very practical things also that we can only summarise; an emergency blanket to keep you warm, some fishing gear, a wire saw, a water bottle clip, a pocket below for blowing your fire, and a multi-purpose pocket card that can be used as a knife, a saw blade or wrench.

The Good

1) Comes in a compact and very strong waterproof case

2) Includes all vital instruments necessary for a lot of outdoor activities

3) Easy to carry without being bulky and heavy

4) Very affordable for such a wide range of essential instruments

5) Has an adjustable light beam with many 3 modes

The Bad

1) No food rations for emergencies

Should You Buy It?

The Veitorld 12-in-1 Survival Gear is a practical kit to make your adventures in the wild fun and easy. Compact enough with its shatter-proof case, this gear is light and easy to carry. With all the cool gadgets thrown in (a navigation bracelet, tactical knife, a fire starter, whistle, etc.) you will not be feeling lost and ill-prepared when you go out hiking or camping. Get it today and have fun outdoors.


  • The Veitorld Survival Gear is a 12-in-1 gear that comes with some of the best gadgets for emergencies and outdoor activities.
  • All are catered for; a fire-starter, an emergency blanket and fire blower to help you stay warm, a navigational bracelet with a compass, a whistle, and a tactical light to help with the bearings, a knife and spork for your culinary purposes, and other very cool features added.
  • It all comes in a compact, non-bulky durable case you can easily throw in your backpack.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: jennie cowling

Ordered this for my husband. His smile said it all. Durable case. He put the tactical pen in his backpack the minute he saw it. He’s ex military so he’s particular about things. He really liked this so I got a gold star on gift giving. Thanks for putting out a product that’s exactly what is described on amazon

Amazon ID: A. Pavon

This set is awesome! For the cost, you get so many items, and each one serves a great purpose in a survival kit.

I purchased this kit because we go hiking a lot and it doesn’t take up much space in our pack. It’s nice to know that we have it with us in case of any emergency. I threw in some bandages, etc and we are good to go!

I keep it in my car when not hiking, it’s comforting to know it’s there- as just in case!

Amazon ID: Darrell Poteet

I drive a small two-seater and I had been looking for some time for a compact kit of essentials that would be easy to store and easy to grab. This fits the bill on every count. They’re something that will come in handy for any emergency I can imagine. My wife and I are both suckers for gadgets, so it’s no surprise that I bit immediately when I saw this kit. Honestly, I didn’t expect much due to the low price, but it looked so fun I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I didn’t. This package is filled with what appear to be quality multipurpose tools.

The best thing about this however is that it’s a terrific gift for anyone. It will be nice to think that if a loved one or friend gets into a bad situation, something you’ve given them will help them out.

I also want to commend the company that sells this. Not only do they back it up with a 12-month warranty, but they are also ready to hear about any concerns you might have.

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