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Can’t do without that strong, nicely-brewed coffee early morning even when you are out camping? Bozeman has got your back, introducing the well-crafted Bozeman Camping coffee pot.

Without any plastic or aluminum parts, this percolator is very robust for all your outdoor coffee brewing. It can be pretty harsh and tough outdoors, especially if you are a seasoned outdoor person. This percolator was made to last and weather all conditions. Made from stainless steel, with a thick tempered glass top and a hardwood handle, the coffee pot can be used pretty much anywhere; whether on your fire pit or stove.

Even though made from such strong and durable material, the Bozeman camping coffee pot still manages to stay very lightweight such that you are free to conveniently carry it wherever and whenever you go out adventuring. This does not mean that it comes in that battered and ugly look, it is stylish enough even to make it your kitchen.

To make it more of a family brew, this pot is no one-cup affair; it can brew up to nine cups at once. Such a great feat! You are assured of that strong, quality coffee as the manufacturers have included some packs of top-shelf medical-grade filters in the box. Coletti is very proud of its product that it offers a very lucrative deal; it gives you a lifetime replacement guarantee. This makes you very confident that this product is not a kindergarten affair.

The Good

1) Very strong and durable material able to withstand harsh conditions

2) Can brew as many as nine coffee cups at once

3) Has quality medical grade filters for efficient brewing

4) Very lightweight and easily portable

5) Easy to wash and keep clean

The Bad

1) The hardwood handle might not stand repeated washings and bigger fires

Should You Buy It?

There is nothing like the rich smell of coffee to make you enjoy your mornings. Coletti crafted a very robust and durable yet stylish coffee maker for those people who love their coffee and the great outdoors. With its stainless steel finish and tempered glass top, you will not have to worry about any melting that usually comes with plastic or aluminum. Even with this strong material, you will not be burdened since the percolator is very light. Make quality coffee the way you love it, with the very fine filters thrown in, and enjoy the great outdoors while savoring a rich brew. Do not hesitate to buy yourself one today and enjoy coffee time with family and friends.


  • This is a very good, durable coffee maker for all your outdoor adventures.
  • Made of very strong stainless steel and tempered glass, it can be used with no worries on campfires or your stove.
  • Quality coffee is guaranteed as this coffee maker comes with twenty filters that sieve up all those annoying grains.
  • It is washable, lightweight, and can make a total of nine coffee cups at once.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Mark

I have only made 2 pots of coffee so far, but they were so delicious, rich, and hearty, it puts any automatic drip to shame. I have been so bored with our coffee maker. I would drink it because my husband would make it every morning, but would sometimes go out and get another cup from somewhere else because it was just not satisfying me. The flavor became stale after a while if you know what I mean. We bought the best coffees, all different varieties and they all just started tasting the same. I am so excited about this percolator because coffee is a treat again! Very well made, sturdy, would like a better wood handle, but this is worth the money.

Amazon ID: Mark

I am a coffee FREAK. I had a percolator years ago and friends would demand that I make the coffee. That coffee maker finally bit the dust and I couldn’t find a replacement…until now. I love this thing! I savor the fine coffee that I make with it. It’s transcendental. I’m not kidding. I’ve also given this pot to friends who share with me their passion for great coffee. It’s great for the house and also makes a wonderful gift. Great price, easy to clean. Highly recommend it.

Amazon ID: Mark

I recently purchased the Coletti Bozeman camping coffee pot (nine cups) and have put it to good use. There is nothing like that first cup of coffee in the early morning after crawling out of my sleeping bag. I brew the coffee on my Coleman camp stove. The coffee pot comes with easy directions and diagrams and brewing tips and a package of filters. The pot is sturdy and well built with attractive lines. The best feature is a wooden handle to insulate your hand from the heat. My former camping pot was difficult to handle and pour with insubstantial wire metal handles. The glass globe on the top of the lid provides a visual guide to the brewing progress. This fine product could be my last camping coffee pot, and it has quickly become a basic component of my camping equipment.

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