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After a long day adventuring out in nature, all you need upon returning to your campsite is to have a restful, cozy sleep no matter the season. The Camping Sleeping Bag by Oaksys is a great investment as it boasts a 3-season usability period. That means you are covered for all your outdoor adventures in summer, autumn, and spring. Meaning to say for temperatures ranging from as low as 10 degrees Celsius, you are well-covered.

Very compact with thick polyester fill and a piece of outer nylon fabric, these sleeping bags are designed to protect you from dampness while maintaining the easy breathability quality that comes in handy during the hot summers. It is also very waterproof so it is very handy when camping out in the rain. The packing also proves to be very comfortable and warm. They have a zipper at the bottom where your feet are so that in case of need, you can open it up to allow your feet to breathe in warmer temperatures.

Also included is a cool semi-circular hoodie that is adjustable by drawstrings to keep you warm and cozy when the weather gets extreme. This can also come in very handy when you have a bug problem out there in the woods.

The material is also very easy to clean by simply wiping it when dirt accumulates. You can also wash it easily for very thorough laundering. For easy storage and portability, a small compression bag is thrown in so that you can easily fold your sleeping bag and carry it along. Weighing only 1.35 Kilograms, you can trek easily with your pack without any hindrances. There are a wide variety of color options to choose from depending on your preferences.

The Good

1. Light and easy to carry around

2. Good quality material proves it durable

3. Very breathable and the bottom zipper allows aeration option

4. The hood protects against cold and irritating bugs

5. Versatile and usable in many seasons

The bad

1. Might be too tight for people with a big frame

Should you buy it?

The Oaksys Camping sleeping bag is a very stylish and functional bag for all outdoor enthusiasts. Very portable, affordable, and waterproof, you are protected from the elements throughout three seasons of the year. This is the most ideal and terrific option for your adventures as it is not bulky. Get yourself one and carry it wherever your adventures take you.


  • The Oaksys Camping sleeping bag is a very affordable bag for camping all year round.
  • Made from very quality outer material and inner packing, it is comfortable, warm, waterproof, and very much breathable.
  • With a mounted demi-circle hoodie to keep you warm in extreme weather and a zipper at the feet to aerate you during hot spells, this baby was made with campers in mind.
  • It is also very compact and easy to clean, thus you can carry it along with you without having to worry much.
  • The material is very durable and comes in different color options.
  • Get cozy and stylish with your Oaksys camping sleeping bag.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Jeremy T

I took a chance on this inexpensive sleeping bag for a youth retreat I was attending. Sleeping accommodations for the event were shared with about 10-12 guys in one large room. This bag was not only comfortable but was plenty long enough to block out some light and give me a nice little cocoon to get to sleep. I am just over 6 feet and my complaint about some sleeping bags is their length, but this one’s perfect. I’ve only used it for 2 nights but it seems well made and I hope to have it for a long time.

Amazon ID: OutDoorGuy

I like the idea of having a zipper at the foot of my sleeping bag to allow more warm or cool air to enter or exit the bag at different times of the season. The sleeping bag is lightweight and has kept me warm at night. Thank you for a well thought-out design. I will recommend this brand to my camping and hiking friends.

Amazon ID: CaliGirl925

It’s been years since we bought a sleeping bag and our child has a camping trip coming up soon with her school. And this sleeping bag will serve its purpose for our child. Especially adjusting to the weather and its waterproofness.

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