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There is nothing like a warm meal to complete your day after a long and fulfilling day in nature, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Happy news for campers, no need to struggle with fire and the accompanying dirt on your pans associated with open fires. Introducing the Coleman portable butane stove.

Weighing only 2.24 kilograms and very compact, the stove is a one-burner and has a very long-lasting steel grate that is coated in porcelain. This grate is easily detachable to facilitate cleaning when grit and grime accumulate. It is also a wide enough grate to fit a fairly sized pan when you want to do your cooking. The stove has a rust-proof burner made from quality aluminum and is thus very heat resistant and long-lasting. 

You will not even need a matchstick to light it up, it has its own in-built insta-start ignition mechanism that is very user-friendly. All you have to do is to turn the dial and the spark lights up the gas on its own. You can also easily control the temperature to set your required flow by the use of the adjustable rotating dial mounted at the front. This will manage the flow of gas for various cooking settings, whether just simmering some soup or you want a full flame for some intensive cooking.

To power it up, you will need a mountable gas cylinder that usually lasts 1.25 hours when full. Unfortunately, this canister is not sold along with the burner but you have to buy it separately. For packaging and to allow portability, the burner stove comes with a plastic carry case. This case is the size of a mini-briefcase and you can put it with the rest of your camping gear as it is very strong. This mini-stove also comes with a year-long warranty.

The good

1. Easy to set up

2. Portable

3. Low priced

4. Very easy to clean

The bad

1. The gas canister is sold separately

2. There is no windscreen for protection on windy days

Should you buy it?

The Coleman portable butane stove is a good investment at such an affordable price. Easy to set up and made from durable material, this device is ideal for those warm small campsite meals. The burner stove is very affordable and very easy to clean. Its simple design makes sure that it is easy to operate. Get yourself one today and enjoy warm meals while enjoying your time in the wild.


  • The Coleman Portable Butane Stove is a single-burner light stove convenient for all outdoor cooking.
  • With its small gas canister, a rust-proof aluminum burner, and a mountable grate, this stove has an instant start mechanism that does not require any matches.
  • Very portable and with a plastic carry case that is shatterproof, you will be ready to enjoy warm meals outdoors without having to worry about firewood or deforestation.

What Others Are Saying?

Amazon ID: J Lew

I used this at two music festivals last year and it was awesome. One of the best festival items I have bought in a while. Also, the butane cans last quite a while. I probably did not even get one of my canisters half gone, using it for 5-6 total meals.

Amazon ID: Sharon

I purchased 3 of these stoves for breakfast at work. They worked great!!! The flame is adjustable and there was no odor from using the butane. Each one came in a nice plastic case which makes it great for storage. A great one of these. I would recommend this product.

Amazon ID: Mark

I’ve had this since Sept 2019 (10 months), and it is still working perfectly. I wanted to purchase a portable stove mostly for making hot pot (sukiyaki) at home. These meals have been so much fun and great to eat fresh from the pot.

I was initially hesitant because of reviews commenting that the metal ring melted — this is avoidable. I have attached a photo of my 10-month-old stove — there is no indication of melting. I am certain that those who experienced melting put the stove on the highest setting for an extended time. Which yes, you could argue is a product design issue, but as long as you don’t blast it won’t be an issue. I have never felt the need to put it on high, it is powerful enough on medium, and I usually keep it on low for my hot pots.

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