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The Amazfit Band 7 fitness tracker is just the device you are looking for when you want to stay healthy and keep track of your fitness plan, sleep patterns, stress levels, menstrual history, and other health measures. Stylish, light, and powered by Alexa, it is just the device to keep you motivated on your fitness track.

Vertically rectangular with its new 1.1-inch AMOLED colored screen, it gives an adequate screen to view all your vitals. Except for that one button at the button of the screen, the band is entirely touch-sensitive and comes with two custom screens with 45 more downloadable ones. You can read notifications from your phone, and you even can control your phone camera from afar. 

The underside of the band is fully equipped with various sensors that give feedback on your fitness status. These include the heartbeat tracker, very high-tech and sensitive to give you the full scope of your heart condition. You also have an oxygen saturation monitor for those times when you feel out of breath or in distress. It gives your blood oxygen levels and lets you know when to take a pause, especially in those moments of strenuous activity.

Sitting lightly and comfortably, even stylishly, on your wrist, this Amazfit band also keeps track of your sleeping patterns to establish if you are getting quality sleep or not. It even gives you feedback on your stress levels so you can know when to take action when things seem out of control. A plus for women, this band was also built to help you keep track of your menstrual history to keep you on track before they come.

This Band 7 Fitness Tracker has a very commendable battery life. When fully charged, you can enjoy up to 15 days of use without having to recharge it. Added to that, you have access to Alexa. This will help you with translations and other questions you might need answers to.

It also has other added cool features. For example, it can remind you when you have been sedentary for a long time and can help you play music from your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. You also have access to a stopwatch, world clock, and weather display functions.

The Good

  1. Very long battery life
  2. Affordable
  3. Powered by Alexa and thus very versatile
  4. Very light and comfortable on the wrist
  5. Stylish and very functional

The Bad

  1. The 1.1-inch screen has small text
  2. You have to manually set the exercise mode

Should You Buy It?

The Amazfit Band 7 Fitness Tracker is a very accessible fitness accessory that helps you stay on track when it comes to your health while at the same time allowing you access to your phone notifications and entertainment. Its perfectly smooth and sleek polycarbonate body makes it look stylish on your wrist. With its amazing 15-day battery life, you just have to get yourself one to fully appreciate its high functionality.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Me

I haven’t worn a watch in 20 years. I bought it for steps and sleep tracking. I use the timer on laundry day so I don’t waste time leaving it to sit, I timer a garden hose so I don’t forget to move it, I use the alarm to wake me up in the morning. It vibrates on my wrist, a much gentler wake-up than my old alarm clock radio. it even has a snooze. The sleep tracker has been very helpful. I’ve always had trouble getting a good night’s sleep and this little thing is helping. It shows me how much time/many times I wake up, how much light sleep, how much deep sleep, and how much REM sleep. Total time sleep and even 20+ minute naps. I can see today, this week, this month, this year, and see previous recordings.

Amazon ID: CaliDreaming

I was very pleased with this purchase. With so many fitness trackers out there, it was hard to settle on one. This is the first I’ve bought. I am an ordinary woman who exercises for fitness and the Amazfit band does everything I wanted in a fitness tracker and more. I haven’t taken it off since I got it except for charging it once. It’s fairly comfortable and I forget it’s there. The battery does last two weeks.

Amazon ID: Falisha

I’ve been wearing this band for over a month now and I LOVE it. I had Been using a Fitbit surge for 6 years then it stopped working. I wanted something that was not as bulky, less expensive but still had the basic fitness tracking modes that I needed. I work out daily and do everything from weightlifting to running to CrossFit and need a distance tracker, heart rate monitor, timer, and basic calorie counter. This watch surprised me. It’s got all the features I needed plus lots more. Way more than my older, more expensive watch had. Love the different watch faces too and all the different bands that you can buy for it. I will never spend hundreds of dollars again for a fitness watch when I can find one that’s even better for less. Also for anyone wanting to know it tracks your runs, distance and shows your GPS map tracker when you open up the app. It’s perfect.

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