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Are you hesitating to work out because you are tired of the back pains associated with the cold hard floor? Worry no more, introducing the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles specially made to give you the best comfort during your workout routine.

Made from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, the mat has grips on both surfaces that ensure that you will not slip and fall during your exercises while also maintaining that hard grip on your floor. Your gym space will be comfortable, safe, and cozy as you will no longer have to worry about slippery surfaces. The material is very thick, nearly half an inch, for good comfort and it can easily be cleaned by water due to its moisture-resistant properties. It is very durable and safe, providing a comfortable cushion for your back during many of your workout regimes.

Yet another good property of the mat is how it is easy to store and then assemble when you want to use it. It is made from these small, light interlocking mats that stay steady when linked together. This means after use, you can disassemble it into pieces for easy storage.

Easily covering a surface area of 24 square feet, you will have a large workout area for your daily exercises. It boasts one of the best shock and noise absorbing capabilities while being non-toxic at the same time. To give you a perfect finish to the edges, this mat comes with its edge piece so you will not have jagged edges. It is available in blue, black, and grey color options.

The Good

  1. Very affordable for such good standards
  2. Very comfortable and provides a non-slip and comfortable cushion for your back
  3. Easy to wash due to its waterproof quality
  4. Easy to pack and dismount
  5. Very light when it comes to weight

The Bad

  1. Not easily portable when you need to change workout places

Should You Buy It

The BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat is a very affordable and comfortable piece to add to your gym room. Very easy on your back with its thick foam, and very safe due to its perfect grip, your gym space will be very much a safe place to carry out your routine exercises. The mat gives you a very large surface area to carry out many of your daily exercises, from yoga to cardio and bodyweight exercises.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: angelcourtney9

These worked great! I bought 3 of them (so 18 tiles total) and created the gym space in the basement. I used them the same day, not knowing how sturdy they would have been while jumping on them, for example, and I was pleased with the result!

I’m happy to report that after 5 months of heavy use they still rock. They got a little loose in a couple of junction spots, but nothing major really, they never separated, and I love that you can always add or remove pieces to fit your needs. They are really good quality, I highly recommend them.

Amazon ID: angelcourtney9

I’ve bought these for my gym, but I found another great use for these. I am a drummer, guitarist, songwriter, and turned one of our bedrooms into a studio. Well, in creating a studio, not only did I want to protect the natural hardwood floors in the room, but I knew these would work great to soundproof the floor and I was right. So, I got 6 of these and covered the entire floor. That alone helped deaden the sound/echo.

Very easy to cut to size. My wife could notice a huge difference in the sound that came through the floor to the living room! So, not only am I protecting the hardwood floor (especially for the drum-set) I’m getting soundproofing coverage as well!

Amazon ID: angelcourtney9

I purchased this product after beginning jiu jitsu with my family. We wanted to be able to roll at home and improve our technique. I was VERY skeptical at first for the HUGE square footage at such a LOW price and 1″ thickness at that. After reading the reviews I said I would make the purchase and in the worst-case scenario, I would return the product if it was not to my liking. I LOVED it as did my kids. I’ve been slammed on these and it is very protective. I went ahead and purchased the 2nd box and got it the next day, now we have a huge matted area to roll. Don’t hesitate and buy these mats.

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