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If you are looking for an indoor cycling bike to reach your fitness goals, then the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike is what you need.

It is a sturdy stationary bike that won’t move while you are cycling. No matter how fast you ride. That is because the Yosuda cycling bike is designed to enable cyclists to exceed preset limits. The 35lbs flywheel helps stimulate the ride of a real road bike. The momentum of a heavier flywheel keeps the exercise bike steady and secure while riding. The belt-driven system provides a smoother and quieter ride than chain transport. So, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your kids or neighbors with the noise while exercising.

The 2-ways adjustable non-slip handlebar and the 4-ways padded seat resistance give the cycler a comfortable indoor riding experience. The seat is designed to support longer rides. It can be easily adjusted up and down, front and back. The aluminum alloy cape pedals are significant for safety and comfort. They are designed to prevent foot slip and give extra support while pedaling. The adjustable cage pedals protect you from a fast ride.

The Yosuda cycle bike has an LCD Monitor and Table Mount. The LCD monitor tracks your distance, speed, time, and calories burned. Making it easy for you to track progress and continue to improve. The bike also has a tablet holder that allows you to enjoy listening to your favorite playlist while exercising.

The bike has a bottle holder so you can keep your favorite beverage close by and stay hydrated during intense exercises. The transport wheels allow you to effortlessly move the bike to the desired location. Therefore, there’s no need for muscle strain or heavy lifting. All parts are protected so you don’t have to worry about your baby reaching them or getting hurt.

The good points

  1. The Yosuda bike helps you work out your muscles, lose weight, and improve heart and lung function.
  2. The bike is easy to assemble and comes with instructions to help you set everything up.
  3. Supports a maximum of 270 lbs.
  4. Comes with an extra brake pad for replacement. In case you need it.
  5. Has one-year free parts replacement.

The bad points

  1. Durability – Does not last as long as other bikes.

Should you buy it?

The Yosuda bike is a smooth and easy-to-maintain indoor bike designed to help you reach your fitness goals. It makes it easy for you to enjoy the outdoor sports experience from the comfort of your home and perform intense aerobic exercise in a stable position. If you are looking for a simple and comfortable way to stay fit at an affordable price while keeping track of progress and aren’t worried about durability, go ahead and buy the bike. However, if you want a cycling bike that lasts longer, the Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike may not be what you need.

What are others saying about it?

Amazon ID: Lily

I like this cycling bike because it is easy to assemble and use. It is very sturdy yet very easy to move around. It has two rolling wheels in the front for you to move it around easily. You can adjust the resistance easily. I like it to record the distance, time, and calories I burnt every day. Good for a starter like me =)

Amazon ID: haitian

I love this bike because it is sturdy, rigid and weighty, and quiet. Installation is very straightforward, tools all included. Ergonomic design is easy to use and adjust. Very easy to move it around with the roller design. The bike operates beautifully, Also the whole family can enjoy this versatile bike. The resistance level can be easily adjusted on the fly. The seating height and handlebar can also be easily adjusted. The activity monitor screen shows distance, time, calories, etc. It also has a built-in smartphone/iPad holder.

Amazon ID: Douglas Stewart

I’d give this bike SIX stars if I could. My husband bought it for me because my 35-year-old Tunturi Ergometer gave up the ghost. This bike just seemed right from all the descriptions and reviews. Once it was unpacked and I had checked all the various parts, read the directions, and watched a very helpful video, I had it together in 35 minutes. I am not tall (5’4″) so I needed to do some adjusting so that took a little more time. Now after three weeks, I am accustomed to the measurement in miles instead of kilometers and I measure my distance by how many Jerry Lee Lewis (The Killer) songs it takes to do 5 miles. I rigged a webbing strap around the handlebars so that I could either sit upright or lean forward so the change in position offers a change in muscular alignment…good for issues that I have. It’s great and I’m a happy camper. It arrived in three days in pristine condition. I am 73 years old and this is my most effective form of aerobic exercise. When not listening to a CD I’m on the Classical Station, reading a book or simply letting my mind wander. It’s a great bike, smooth and quiet. Much as I loved my old one, this one is just fine.

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