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Do you want to camp outdoors and remain protected while you enjoy the full view of nature without any obstruction? Here is the very translucent Alvantor Screen House Camping tent that is specially made to suit your needs.

Made from a very sturdy fiberglass frame, this tent is completely transparent, giving you an unobstructed 360° view. It is very easy to set up as it is just a pop-up tent and allows you a full view of your favorite site. All you have to do is to remove the binding strap and you have an instant pop-up.  If you are a stargazer, your clear summer nights will be very much enjoyable while you are protected from the elements. Just as it is easy to put up, it is much easier also to pull down and pack it back with the rest of your gear.

Octagonal in shape, the frame is very much self-supportive but you can also reinforce its sturdiness with the accompanying sandbags. Six of them are included and you can fill them with whatever you find to be heavy enough to anchor your tent depending on the wind. There are also some stakes packed in which allow you to pin your tent to the ground for a firmer base stand. These stakes are used in conjunction with some guylines which are also thrown in the package.

The tent is very roomy on the inside, allowing maybe two to three adults at a time and with enough room to maybe put up your grill for those fun days outside. You also do not have to worry about the air becoming very stuffy as this tent has adequate ventilation assured by the 4 mesh walls.

The Good

  1. Offers a very cool 360° view due to its translucent nature
  2. Easy to set up and pull down due to its pop-up design
  3. Well ventilated
  4. Free-standing and easy to move around

The Bad

  1. Not ideal for windy and rainy days

Should You Buy It?

The Alvantor outdoor camp is a very versatile tent for fun activities outdoors. With its transparent screens and easy pop-up nature, this camping tent is easier to set up even for small events such as stargazing in your backyard. The space inside facilitates a small gathering of friends even for a night of grilling, Well-ventilated and with the best quality material, you get value for your money. Get yourself one today and get to enjoy steady nights with friends and family outdoors.

About this item

This tent is a very practical tool for enjoying your full view outside without having to worry about bugs and other elements.

An instant pop-up mechanism makes it easier to set up.

You can either leave it to stand alone as it is self-supportive or choose to anchor it depending on where you are camped.

The ventilation is top-notch with mesh walls and the inside is very spacious, allowing you to enjoy family games or some grilling.

This is a sturdy and versatile tent for camping outside.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Shari

I absolutely love this. It popped right up straight out of the bag. I didn’t even use the ropes to secure the sides, I only tied down the bottom and used sandbags to secure it. It was windy the other day and it didn’t even move. I strung solar lights inside and put an outdoor rug underneath. It’s my outside oasis free of bugs. It can easily be moved if I ever need to. I bought the smallest one and there is a ton of room inside for us and the dogs.

Amazon ID: Linda

I needed a screened-in portable tent to put in my small sitting area. The bugs used to chase us away. Now I can pop this tent up and enjoy our summer drinks and relax without annoying bugs. I fold it up when I’m done so I don’t have to worry about it being blown away or dirtied from storms. I’m a senior and it is so easy and lightweight.

Amazon ID: Tracy

Put this up the day it arrived, it’s great, it would be better if there was a pole to keep the roof up, as rain pulls it down, they do a product which is available in America. If you have a garden table with an umbrella, open it and it keeps the roof stable and the raindrops off, make sure you tie it down with the guidelines and use the sandbags to keep it stable. It’s a great asset to the garden and I’m looking forward to many bug-free meals outside.

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