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Outdoor activities define having fun and we all want to experience countless adventures outdoors. As much as everyone enjoys exploring, most of us dread the lack of comfort that comes with being outdoors, you can’t even relax properly having to sit in the hot, scorching sand at the beach or the uncomfortable chair when camping, all the while thinking about your very comfortable couch back home. The Wekapo Inflatable Air Sofa makes your outdoor adventures way more enjoyable by ensuring relaxation wherever you are.

The Wekapo Inflatable Hammock is an inflatable air couch perfect for your outdoor expeditions, it is specifically crafted to ensure your comfort. The air couch is made of a polyester outer layer and a strong plastic inner lining that ensures durability even in rough outdoor conditions for example when camping. It is capable of holding up to 500lbs making it suitable to be used not only by kids but it can also withstand the weight of an adult and can be used by multiple people at the same time.

Unlike other inflatables, the Wekapo Air Lounger is very easy to inflate with no requirement of a pump. By trapping air in it and snapping the opening shut repeatedly for about 3-4 times and then rolling the end and clipping it you will have your couch ready for use.  There is also an instruction video in the manual to help you understand how to inflate it easily. The use of tools such as a hairdryer, fan, and leaf blower can also help you inflate it in an even shorter time. The air lounger has a patented pillow-shaped headrest design that gives your upper back and neck comfortable support and the ultimate feeling of relaxation. It also features two mesh pockets ideal for magazines, cell phones, and an elastic bottle holder to keep your drinks within your reach.

The distinctive shape allows it to have multiple uses, instead of buying every individual item you can get the air couch and save your money. Some of the uses involve using it as an outdoor folding chair, hammock, picnic blanket as well as a floating pool chair, all in one product. With the capability to be used in all these numerous ways it remains very portable and lightweight weighing only 2lbs. It is easy to carry around when traveling since it comes in an easy-to-carry pouch. It also comes with a stake that can be used with a built-in security loop to firmly secure the couch in position.

The Wekapo Air Lounger has anti-deflation technology which ensures that after it is inflated it will maintain its state for at least 5-6 hours making it easy for you to enjoy your activities without worrying about inflating again. The rip-stop polyester fabric it is made of makes it durable enough to withstand the sun, water, and dirt. The airbag is 8 feet long when deflated, allowing you to achieve the length of about 7 feet of the air couch when inflated. This size makes it very suitable to be used as a beach bed as well as a camping couch.

The good points

  1. It is portable and lightweight
  2. It comes with a pouch for easy storage and carrying when deflated
  3. It does not require a pump for inflation
  4. It is multi-functional
  5. It is easy to fold

The bad points

  1. It can be less easy to inflate when it is not windy
  2. Some people find the material is noisy

Should you buy it?

If you are looking for the perfect multifunctional air couch, the Wekapo Air-Lounger is exactly what you need. Allowing you to use it on camps, as a beach bed, or backyard couch all the while providing you with a comfortable and relaxing outdoor experience. No more dreading the hot sand at the beach as you can relax and enjoy your activities while resting on the air couch. It is portable and lightweight for you to carry around easily on all of your adventures. If you have a loved one who is into outdoor activities and adventures this would also be a perfect gift for them.


  • The Wekapo inflatable hammock is a hot new product that lets you hang out in total comfort, wherever you might find yourself!
  • It also makes an awesome gift for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors.
  • Distinctively shaped air couch to help you explore and relax in style whether you are camping, traveling, or simply having fun at the beach.
  • With the Wekapo air couch sofa, a cool breeze through your hair, and a smile on your face, it feels like lounging on a cloud.

What are other buyers saying about it?

Amazon ID: Emely Leticia Aperecida Pires

Great lounge. I should have bought this a long time ago. It’s so comfy and easy to inflate. Perfect to bring to the park/beach. Small, light, and easy to carry.

Amazon ID: Kim311

This product is great!!! I take it everywhere and leave it in my car for any occasion. When it is a windy day it swells with no problem. Sometimes when camping l have to fill it with my hair drier to make it full. If the wind is not enough you just roll the clip down and it will fill up more but just get shorter like a chair.

Amazon ID: Julie W

Super easy to use and so comfy. Lightweight, sand doesn’t stick and you can float in the water. They can fly away so attach to something if it’s windy. Best beach chair by far due to comfort and ease of packing.

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