MBB Ab Crunch Machine – Home Workout Equipment

For many people, abs are just about body shape, looking good, and showing off. Little do they know that there is more to a strong core than just beautiful summer bodies. Core muscles are essential to health as they are considered the base of support for the entire body. They play a huge role in daily activities and they also improve your posture and help prevent and rehabilitate back injuries. Note, however, that a strong core does not mean a six-pack. But, whether the goal is to achieve strong core muscles or a six-pack, you will still need to work.

Lucky for you, Amazon understands that not everyone has the time and confidence to go to the gym for workouts. It is for that reason they present to you an MBB ab crunch machine for home gym equipment. The family can benefit from working out at a convenient time in the comfort of their home.

This ab crunch machine is a piece of multi-purpose exercise equipment. It has three combinations (Fundamental Exercise, Combine Exercise, and Band Exercise) that provide 21 exercise modes. You can train your core muscles with this easy-to-use abdominal trainer while stimulating your metabolism and activating fat-burning. The machine is suitable for all family members and has an additional rowing machine function. You can customize your workout using the five-intensity selection buttons that enable you to choose according to your training plan. The gym equipment will help you burn calories and firm up while sitting down. To maximize exercise with maximum comfort, target each muscle group of your body.

With proper and regular usage, you will see results with only a maximum AB Workout of 8 Minutes a day. The multiple AB crunch is scientifically designed to get you a slim body, sexy waistline, and rock-hard abs. The product combines seven great exercise machines plus cardio all in one. It has an ergonomic design and a thick padded cushion. This upgraded version has a sturdy and solid frame and also features a two-times thicker seat cushion making it suitable for middle-aged and senior citizens who are obese. The machine ensures high safety and the most comfortable support to anyone using this core and abdominal trainer for exercise.

The MBB ab crunch machine is easy to use, and it comes fully assembled. You will receive a completely pre-installed Ab Crunch machine so you can use this home gym equipment directly without complicated installation. You will also receive tutorial DVDs, posters, and advertising films with exclusive rights. For better results, work out your whole body by following the exercise guide. In addition, there is a beautiful color box gift packaging, making it ideal as a fitness and health gift.

The good points

  1. You can share it with family and work out at a time convenient for you.
  2. It has twenty exercise modes to help you get the body of your dreams.
  3. It is pre-installed and comes with tutorial DVDs.
  4. It does not take up much space.

The bad points

  1. It has a velcro fastening for the arm cord.

Should you get it?

The equipment offers you a diverse range of complete body workouts, including sit-ups/crunches, push-ups, bridge, scissor kicks, forearm/biceps, triceps, ab tucks, and more. It also saves you and your family from paying for gym memberships and spending time on trips to the gym. There are countless reasons why this piece of workout equipment makes a perfect purchase.

MBB Ab Crunch Machine – Home Workout Equipment

What others are saying about it?

Amazon ID: Chelsey

I was looking for something that didn’t take up much space but could be used the multiple exercises. This was what I needed and more. Seems sturdy enough and has no issues so far.

Amazon ID: Prince Dryer

This is just right for the kind of back problems that I experience, Very easy to use and carry with you on the go.

Amazon ID: tlchan64

I have bought many exercise equipment over the years only to use as a clothing rack. The use of ease is great. I already see an improvement in my muscle tone. This will not become a clothes rack in my home.

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