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With social gatherings being outdoors, a portable folding chair is essential. Unfortunately, most of the portable chairs are uncomfortable, and you have to assemble them yourself. The GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable folding rocking chair is a comfortable outdoor chair that you can take anywhere. The chair is sturdy and has a weight limit of 250 pounds. It’s made from alloy steel, and it has a mesh backrest with padding to support your back.

The action technology on the Freestyle rocker allows you to rock on the porch or at your child’s football game. The hydraulics will keep you rocking for as long as you want, and you can instantaneously stop the rocking when you want. You will enjoy the smooth rocking on the chair as you sip on a beverage of your choice as there is a beverage holder on the chair. You would think folding the chair would be difficult, but you won’t have to struggle to fold the chair with the Eazy-fold technology from GCI. The chair folds flat, which makes it easy to store.

Most outdoor chairs are uncomfortable because you have to put your arms on the steel frame, which can be uncomfortable in the heat. The Freestyle rocker comes with a padded armrest that will provide comfort and support for your arms. Unlike other outdoor chairs, the Freestyle rocker is wide, which allows you to enjoy any sporting activity without the need to readjust on the chair. The chair is made from strong materials making it durable, meaning you won’t need to replace it after a few uses.

The good points

  1. You do not need to assemble the chair.
  2. The chair comes with shock absorbers that allow you to rock gently on any terrain.
  3. The Freestyle rocker comes with a carry handle that makes it easy to move around while carrying the char.
  4. The armrests are padded, and you won’t have to feel uncomfortable with your arms on the alloy steel
  5. The chair comes with a beverage holder, which means you won’t have to strain yourself to reach the ground for your beverage.

The bad points

  1. The armrest material can move, and you will have to adjust it.
  2. Depending on how tall you are, you may consider the seat shallow.


If you are looking for a chair that you can take everywhere with you, purchase the Outdoor Freestyle rocker. It will come in handy at the beach or the mountainside, and you will be comfortable the entire time.

  • The Outdoor Freestyle rocker is a portable chair that comes with a carry handle.
  • The chair is sturdy, and it allows you to rock on any terrain because of the grip on the bottom of the chair.
  • It comes with a holder for your beverage to avoid straining your back by grabbing a beverage on the ground.
  • Unlike other outdoor chairs, the Freestyle rocker has a well-padded armrest and back to keep you comfortable.

What are others saying?

Amazon ID Mrs.Fyfe

We work full time in our RV and over the last 15 years have gone through a LOT of types of chairs! These are the most comfortable chairs we’ve ever owned. They fold flat super easy, are light enough to pack one-handed across the RV park to neighboring BBQs, rock in uneven ground, grass, and gravel, and store flat in the underbelly of our trailer for travel. Quite simply the best! We love them so much we will be buying 3-4 more! 


Friend brought 2 of these chairs to bike week and everyone wanted to sit in one. I liked them so I bought 2 for myself. Well-built and wide seat. Very good buy.

Amazon ID Darrell Watkins

We love this chair so much we bought 3!!! We are a baseball family and travel to many games. These chairs are the talk of the parents at every game. As a matter of fact, I should probably get a commission as I am certain I am responsible for many other sales. And they say only a 250 lb weight limit but I am 260 and I know others are bigger and these chars hold up just fine!!!

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