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A perfect bake is just as perfect as its mixer. To get the best flavors, sweetness, or savory, you need to have all your ingredients perfectly whipped and with the right consistency. We have got an appliance for you that will give your pastries the fluffiness of your waffle, the puffiness of your pancake, and even more.

The Dash Stand Mixer is an electric mixer that gives you a better experience in the kitchen. This kitchen appliance is designed with a 250-watt motor attached to the stand of the mixer. The mixer motor has 6 selectable speed controls. It has a tilt release button that tilts the motor up to easily change the mixer beaters.

The Dash Stand Mixer also comes with a stainless mixing bowl that sits on a rotating plate at the base of the stand. The mixer stand base has a bowl shift lever that can move the mixing bowl from left to right to carefully mix all the ingredients even on the sides of the bowl. The bowl is big enough to whip your ingredients with no splatter. It’s easy to clean and store.

The Dash Stand Mixer will include two dough hooks, two mixer beaters, and a complimentary recipe guide to get you started right away. It also comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. It’s available in a range of different colors to pick from and portable sizes. it’s a perfect fit for any kitchen type from old-school designs or even modern styles.

About Dash Stand Mixer:

  • The Dash Stand Mixer is an electric mixer that gives you a better experience in the kitchen.
  • This appliance has a 250-watt motor attached to the stand of the mixer.
  • The motor has 6 selectable speed control options from slow to fast whip.
  • It comes with a removable stainless mixing bowl, two dough hooks, two mixer beaters, a recipe book, and a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, all to get you started right away.

The good points

  1. The appliance has adjustable speed controls, from low to high whip.
  2. It comes with a stainless steel removable mixing bowl that is easy to clean and use. The bowl can also be adjusted from left to right to evenly mix your ingredients.
  3. There’s a complimentary recipe guide to help you try out new treats such as chocolate fudge cakes or soufflés, waffles, cinnamon coffee cakes, and more.

The bad points

  1. You cannot use the mixer for more than 3 minutes at once because there’s the risk of the motor overheating.
  2. The appliance is more suited for soft ingredients.

Should you buy it?

The Dash Stand Mixer can be a perfect addition to your kitchen appliances. It has a powerful electric motor that can whip your pancakes and waffles in minutes. It’s a good gift for anyone who enjoys convenient foods with less time spent in the kitchen. It also comes in a portable size and range of colors that will make it fit in any corner of your kitchen.

What are others saying about it?

Amazon ID: Amelia Ann Weaver

I bought this, even after reading all the reviews telling me to save up for the 300$ kitchen aid brand. I’ve used this for 4 different cakes, it’s worked great every time. All the reviews saying “it’s not heavy enough” not heavy enough for what? to kill a man if hit over the head with? The weight hasn’t made it perform badly at ALL. Starting to feel like all the reviews that said to just buy kitchen aid are lying, and being paid to do so. This brand works fine and looks super cute.

Amazon ID: Buyer watchdog

When I unpacked this mixer, I was unsure if it would be any good. It is very light and seemed a bit flimsy – which was not surprising considering the price. However, I have used it a few times now and my initial impressions have been disproved. I have used it to mash potatoes, 2 very dense cookie batters, and a few other recipes with no issues.

One thing I wanted to find out is if it would be good for persons with limited strength. It would be quite good for this purpose as it is very light, plus it uses very little exertion to lever the top to add the beaters and fit the bowl underneath. I plan to buy one for my sister who has very limited strength issues. I’m sure she will be able to use this mixer easily.

Well worth the low cost!!

Amazon ID: Jodie Caine
Considering the price of this mixer I cannot fault it at all. I bought this for my small business making batches of cosmetics/bath products. The bowl is so much bigger than I thought and is quite tall, which is perfect when adding powdered ingredients as they don’t puff out when you turn the mixer on. Even the slowest setting was good enough to whip up solid Shea butter easily which I was quite impressed with. There is an option to slide the bowl along the base with a lever, this isn’t something I’ve seen before but found it useful because you can move the bowl to make sure the beaters catch whatever is on the sides. The stainless steel is really easy to clean and the design is lovely and very cute. It’s compact and small but still big enough to make a decent amount. I have even put away my expensive Kenwood mixer and replaced it with this one because it is so much more user-friendly and light. You can fit it in a narrow kitchen cupboard with loads of space still. It is so sturdy as well and the materials are probably better quality than mixers I’ve had costing over £100. I’ve also found expensive mixers might shake a lot and move around on the worktop but this didn’t even budge. I love this little mixer and honestly can’t find one thing wrong with it for the price which surprised me as I wasn’t expecting much for £13. I’ve seen a lot of people write negative reviews on this mixer (there are a few on Amazon) because it is small but that is the whole point and it is ridiculously cheap.

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