Greenlife Soft Grip Healthy Ceramic Nonstick, Cookware Pots And Pans Set

I will always say this; sometimes people are not bad cooks. Before we get to the skill and art involved in cooking, almost everyone has what it takes to make a simple and tasty meal. All that is needed are the right tools and just a few seasoning ingredients to ensure the food is not plain and boring. It is with that understanding that Amazon always has you covered when it comes to cookware that makes your life easier in the kitchen. Right now, it is all about the Greenlife soft-grip nonstick cookware set.

Nonstick cookware has been taking over space in kitchens over the years. It is clear why. This type of cookware is known for being exceptionally easy to clean, uniform distribution of heat, and cooking tasty meals with significantly small amounts of oil. Also, as the name suggests, food doesn’t stick easily when using this type of cookware, making it perfect for cooking foods that easily stick. Thus, with a nonstick set, cooking gets easier and the food is less oily. Their classy designs also fit perfectly in modern kitchens.

On top of these qualities, GreenLife adds color to their soft grip ceramic cookware set for a more sophisticated look. With nine beautiful color options, you sure can find one that blends in well in any kitchen. You can visit Amazon to get yourself or gift your loved ones this pots and pans set. The cookware set includes a 4-inch mini frying pan, 7-inch, and 9.5-inch frying pans, 1-quart and 2-quart saucepans with lids, 5-quart stockpot with a lid, 2.5-quart saute pan with a lid, 7-inch stainless steel steamer, and four kitchen utensils. The pieces have a healthy and easy-to-clean ceramic nonstick coating derived from sand to give you an effortless non-stick performance without the use of chemicals. They are free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

The Greenlife set also features soft-grip bakelite handles for maximum comfort. This material is known for being a very bad heat conductor, and thus the handles are designed to keep cool enough to hold with bare hands when cooking. The set itself is made from recycled aluminum and reinforced with a wobble-free base for extra strength as well as even and quick heating. As previously mentioned, the set pieces are very easy to clean.

They are dishwasher safe, and you can just wipe away most messes. The pots and pans also have rivetless interiors to prevent snags and food buildup. Thus, you spend less time doing the dishes than you would with your old-fashioned sticky set. With the durable glass lids, you can have a good look at your meal in progress.

About this item:

This GreenLife cookware set includes a 4″ mini frying pan, 7″ and 9.5″ frying pans, 1 quart, and 2-quart saucepans with lids, a 5-quart stockpot with a lid, 2.5 quarts saute pan with a lid, a 7″ stainless steel steamer, and four kitchen utensils.

It has a healthy and easy-to-clean ceramic nonstick coating that is derived from sand and is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

The soft grip bakelite handles are designed to keep cool enough to hold with bare hands when cooking.

Also, the set is made from recycled aluminum and reinforced with a wobble-free base for extra strength and even heating.

It is dishwasher safe, but most messes are wiped away easily.

The set’s rivetless interior prevents snags and food buildup, and the durable glass lids allow for a good look at the meal in progress.

The good points

  1. You get sixteen pieces of cookware for your every cooking need, with bakelite handles.
  2. You can cook tasty meals without oil or with a healthy amount of it.
  3. Food doesn’t stick, and you are less likely to end up with a meal that smells of smoke.
  4. The set is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.
  5. Very easy to clean.

The bad points

  1. The bottom may burn if you set the stove on high.

Should you buy it?

Yes. The most important part when making a choice is ensuring that you understand the product well. People’s experiences with products differ, and sometimes it depends on how you use the products in question.

What others are saying about it?

Amazon ID: Lauren and Candy

As the Queen of Pastel Pink, these pots are certified fresh OKAY! When I moved into a new house I KNEW I had to have pink pots so I was elated to find such a nice set at a reasonable price. The color and my arachnophobia-driven fear of lower cabinetry made me keep them on display! Such great little pots with an amazing nonstick finish! Cleaning them was a breeze! I would recommend it for any pink lover!!!

Amazon ID: AC

Very very nice set. Very colorful. This set needs care and attention. I had it for 2weeks and so far no problem. Cooks perfectly. I only use low or middle gas and I only hand wash it carefully.

I love it

Amazon ID: Hayley

It took me a VERY long time to figure out if I wanted to purchase this item or not. There were so many negative reviews and I just did not want to waste my money. After this choice is in my bottom 2, I decided to just say “what the heck” and bought this one. I must say, I am SOOO happy with my choice!!!! I love love love these pans. I read some reviews from users stating they broke easily or the handle is catching on fire or the utensils are melting while cooking… none of that has happened to me and I cook using these pots almost every day. Any time I have company they always compliment the turquoise color. For washing, I do not use the dishwasher. I follow the rules exactly as they say and hand washing is best for a longer life!!!! I sometimes use only my hands and light soap or will use a washcloth with light soap. I follow the rule of low to medium cooking temps and my pans have stayed in great shape. I am very gentle with them. If you want stuff to last, take care of it!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 If you can’t decide to purchase this right now, please consider this comment to make your decision!! You won’t regret it 😊 to know they are healthy for your family too! Also, I always get nervous if the positive commenter is paid for or if negative comments are from a rival company… can I just say, I am a real person lol I verify I am a normal person who purchased this!! 😅

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