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Do you want to enjoy some modernized smart cooking while remaining in total control? The COSORi air fryer is a very versatile smart appliance that is going to give you an extraordinarily smart cooking experience.

Made by Cosori, known for its durable and quality appliances, this device is made from extremely durable stainless steel that guarantees solidity. The appliance is more than just another air fryer, it is endowed with 11 other amazing functions; you can make your rotisserie chicken, you can toast and bake and over a very versatile cooking experience, you can enjoy in your kitchen. This device is packed with multiple functions for convenience.

Managing the device is a very breezy and enjoyable task since you can connect it to your phone and manage it from a distance. By simply clicking on your smartphone, you can get to control your temperature settings, your time, your fan, and a whole lot of other control functions. What is more, you can even set it for voice control as this device can even work with Alexa. Smart kitchens are very possible with this appliance.

Apart from these smart features, the COSORI air fryer comes with enough internal capacity for it to satisfy the needs of an entire family. You can put in an entire rotisserie chicken or put in six toast slices. With an interior light that makes it easier to check on your food and very precise temperature controls, this device makes cooking more modern and easier than the classical methods.

Cosori did not have only convenience in mind when they designed this. They also want you to stay healthy as this appliance produces foods with 85% less fat than when you use the traditional frying system. If you have a WIFI system, you can get monthly chef-updated original recipes via the VeSync app. Armed with this, your cuisine will not be monotonous and repetitive: you can get to experiment and experience new culinary wonders.

As a bonus, the appliance comes with some extra accessories like a crumb tray, a food tray, a fry basket, a recipe book, and other cool stuff that facilitates your cooking.

About Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo:

  • The COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo 12 Functions Smart 30L is a very smart and efficient appliance that is meant to modernize your kitchen and provide practical functions.
  • Very versatile and easy to control via your smartphone, this appliance comes with Alexa and even a voice control option.
  • It has an added user manual and recipe book to get you started down the journey of tasty wonders.

The Good

  1. Offers a lot of versatile functionalities
  2. Easy to control from your smartphone
  3. Quality and precise temperature control
  4. Healthy frying with less fat
  5. Comes with accessories

The bad

  1. It is bulky

Should you buy it?

This is a very versatile and useful appliance. Built solidly with enough internal space for cooking and coming with 12 different cooking functions, this smart appliance was made to make your kitchen experience fun and very relaxed. With the VeSync option, you are set to discover a lot of culinary wonders. Make your kitchen a smart and modernized environment.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: NA LIAO

It is not only a toaster oven but an air fryer! This is the one I’m looking for. When I shopped for an oven, I searched for several brands. I chose this one at the end. First, this one has all the functions that I need, such as toast, Bake, Pizza, Rotisserie, Food Dehydrator & Keep Warm, etc. Then, it has a lot of accessories which will meet all my needs. And, it’s an easy to clean air fryer! I got an air fryer before. It is easy to use but hard to clean, so each time I think about using my air fryer, I will stop by thinking I need to wash it afterward…… so this air fryer oven solves my problem! Finally, it has a lot of receipts which I appreciate! Cooking it’s not an easy job without any leading! Haha

Amazon ID: The Night King

Was using a cheap ass toaster oven for years. This is such a huge upgrade over what I had. My old oven used to take 10-20 minutes to cook certain foods. but this oven is a beast. Takes 5-10. Very clean setup, easy to learn how to use. Best investment ever. If you’re reading this, just buy the damn thing already. You’ll be set for at least the next 10 years with this bad boy

 Amazing quality, love the different accessories!

Amazon ID: Magica

I purchased this oven to replace my current food dehydrator since I read a lot regarding BPA recently. I do not want to take the risk of harming our health although I know this product is significantly more pricey than a normal dehydrator. But I like this product! The packaging is wonderful – better than most of the products I have purchased on Amazon. I like that a recipe booklet is included and it inspires me soooo much. I am ready to do a roast duck with the rotisserie fork set which is not commonly supported by the ovens available in the market. There’s just so much to explore about this oven!

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