Top Tips to Help Beginners Start with Landscape Photography

What used to be a skill in the past has become a hobby today. A few years before smartphones arrived, you needed an expensive and high-quality camera to shoot great pictures. It did not take much time before the smartphones started to crawl into the DSLR’s personal space. Of course, they can never be a perfect replacement for DSLRs, but smartphones have inspired many to do landscape photography.

If you are a beginner who wishes to be a landscape photographer, professional or semi-professional, here are some great landscape photography tips for beginners. Also, listed below are some good tips for you to get started.

Tips for Landscape Photography Beginners

· Feel the Essence First

Is landscape photography taking pictures of natural landscapes? No, it’s what you do, but that’s not the essence of landscape photography. The essence of photography lies in your mind first. How do you feel when you are around nature? Do you often find yourself immersed in the colors of nature? If yes, you are an excellent candidate for landscape photography. Now, your aim should be to present such a clean and excellent reflection of the scene that someone who looks at the picture feels like he/she is there. Or at least, they must feel the urge to go to that place in their hearts after looking at your picture.

· Pick the Right Gear

Right now, let’s not get into the details of the gear, the lens you should pick, or the setting of your depth of field. To keep it simple and basic, you should pick a camera that gives you the near-original reflection of the scene you are trying to capture. Even if you are taking pictures with a smartphone, you have to be sure that your phone takes naked pictures. If it likes to add unnecessary whiteness, excessive saturation, and unneeded sharpness to the pictures, you should keep away from using it. When it comes to editing, you must be able to do it after the fact.

· Choose Your Location Wisely

You might think landscape photography is all about good gear and a perfect landscape, but that’s not true. You could take a picture of an erupting volcano and still make it look uninteresting. What matters a lot in landscape photography is your location. That’s why most landscape photographers believe that this type of photography is less about taking snaps and more about planning.

· Have Tons of Patience

Landscape photography is nothing without patience. You have to be cool like a cucumber – for real. You will be surprised how many times you will return after spending an entire day still without a worthy shot. Weather, wind, pollution, lighting conditions, etc. can ruin even the best shots.

· Don’t Go without a Tripod

It is a mistake that many beginners make. You can’t rely on even the best image stabilization technology. Yes, almost every camera has the anti-shiver or anti-judder technology to take a perfect picture despite your trembling hands, but the final result will still show signs of quality compromise. Take a tripod with you, and a good one while you are at it. If you have a Nikon, here’s a good page for you to learn about the best Nikon camera accessories.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are a beginner, these tips should help you with a good start. If there was a choice to pick one tip out of all of the above, it would be the “patience” one. You can always learn the rest of the things with experience, but developing patience in your personality is a completely different game. Be sure to develop patience or do some calming yoga or meditation to help you get over the frustration that comes with landscape photography.

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