Strange Facts About Rh Negative Blood

Rhesus factor or also known as the Rh factor is nothing but the blood group system of the human blood group system. Every individual has got a specific Rh blood type since different types of blood groups have been categorized.

The Rh group system has been said to have about 49 defined blood group antigens. One among them is the Rh-negative blood group. Interestingly, there has been some research and studies conducted that have shown several facts about people with Rh negative blood group.

What is Rh-negative blood?

It is the Rh (“Rhesus”) antigen of the blood group (D antigen) is a protein in red blood cell surfaces. People with the antigen on the red blood cells possess Rh-positive blood, such as A+ B+ O+, and AB+.

Rh-negative blood like B-, A and O, and AB do not contain a (D) antigen on the surface of Red blood cells.

How can you help an Rh-negative?

If you’re a person with Rh-positive blood, please make sure you donate it frequently (at minimum twice per year) to keep our blood supply strong and help save lives. We invite anyone fit to schedule the time to give blood regardless of blood type.

Most Strange Facts About Rh Negative Blood

The primary difference between Rh negative and a Rh positive blood group is that Rh factors carry protein which is commonly found and is not a rare case. Only that this protein is found in Rh positive blood group and the absence of it makes Rh negative blood group which is the reason for the difference between the two.

However, it has also been found that as per research conducted, blood group B people have a high lifespan. But, this fact should not frighten people having Rh negative blood group because there are a few benefits that only Rh negative blood group people may possess. However, mentioned below are a few strange facts about Rh negative blood group system.

Might Be The Smartest Person In The Room

Strange, but might be a fact that a person with the Rh negative blood group might be the smartest person in the room. Some people believe that people with this blood group are ridiculously intelligent and being smart is just one of the traits these people possess. In case you know someone with this blood group, try to notice how he/she behaves when they are questioned or in any other kinds of similar situations where they have to use their brain (like solving riddles, puzzles, etc).

Most people think that Rh negative blood group people have an IQ higher than any other blood group in the world. But, this is not true as there is no proof of that. Rh positive can have an IQ equal to an Rh negative one. But, being smart is one of those traits that often transforms into being rude or arrogant to others.

Nicknamed ‘Golden Blood’

Rh negative blood grouped people do not carry any Rh-antigens in their red blood cells (RBCs). Due to its extremely rare blood group type, this blood group has been nicknamed the ‘Golden Blood’. Now, it is not that there is the presence of the element ‘Gold’ in the blood, but only that one in every 6 million people possesses this type of blood group.

Rh negative is one of the rarest blood groups in the world after AB. But, they are not in great demand. But, due to its rarity, quite a few people might develop certain traits and characteristics in themselves. Some people try to suppress them which might be of no use and unlikely. Yes, it is strange that rare blood like this does not have demand but still, it has been nicknamed ‘Golden Blood’.

Negative When It Comes To Forming Friendships

One of the strangest facts about Rh negative blood grouped people is that they might be lacking in their friendship characteristics. These people are rude and arrogant and often find it difficult to form new friendships. There might be some reasons for this but not because they might be introverts. People having this type of blood type seek friendships based on the conversation and interactions with others.

These people might not be extremely socially backward but they have at least a couple of friends. One of the strangest facts about being a Rh negative is that you lack in making new friends and building friendships.

Resistant To Certain Types of Viruses Or Parasites

It is pretty strange that people can be resistant to certain types of viruses and parasites naturally only because they have Rh negative blood group? Well, this fact would certainly put your mind to thinking that if people with Rh negative can resist certain viruses and parasites then they would not be requiring any medicine when they are sick because of those viruses.

But, it is a certain fact that one of the websites has elaborated on this ( It has been said in the article that some viruses and parasites still remain undiscovered by mankind and it is a few among those undiscovered viruses and parasites that people with Rh negative blood group can be resistant to.

Highly Prone To Develop Allergies

A biological fact that has been proved by studies and research is that Rh negative blood type people are highly prone to develop allergies. It is strange yet a risky factor in developing health issues in people having this type of blood group. People with this type of blood have more skin allergies and can develop mental health issues.

In case you are an Rh negative person you may have experienced frequent skin allergies which may be because of your blood type. But, if you haven’t experienced any then that is well and good. Severe causes of allergies must not be ignored as they could lead to the death of a person.

But, all in all, there is nothing to worry about being a Rh negative blood group person. As dangerous as it may sound to developing skin allergies there are benefits of being a Rh negative blood type as well, especially in pregnant women.

Fun Fact about Rh Negative Blood

A higher percentage of Rh-negative people claim to have been abducted by aliens than that Rh-positive people.

Being Rh Negative Does Not Affect Your Health

One of the strangest facts you will ever come across in this list of facts is that even though your RBCs lack protein in them which is commonly found in other blood types it will not affect your overall health. However, you will be likely to be prone to allergies which should not be severe at all but if they become serious you should immediately consult a doctor.

This fact is just breaking the myth that most people believe about Rh negative blood group person.

Well, facts are facts and nothing can change them if you are worried about your blood being negative then you must not worry about it because there is yet no proof about Rh negative affecting the overall health and declining your lifespan.

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