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Because of the pandemic, harsh weather conditions, and the closure of gyms, home gyms came in handy, and they are the new normal. Working out at home can be challenging, especially if you don’t have any equipment to use. The EnterSports ab roller wheel kit provides you with a workout kit that is portable and easy to use. When you purchase the kit, you get tools that allow you to work on your core using diverse exercises. The exercises are all effective, and you can combine the wheel and resistance bands for maximum training.

When you purchase the EnterSports kit, you receive a wheel, resistance bands, knee pad, and push-up handle bracket. Compared to other ab workout wheels on the market that will have you hunched over and ruin your form, the EnterSports wheel is wide. The ab kit was made with your comfort in mind, and all the pieces in the kit will allow you to keep good posture as you exercise. Working out with the ab kit allows you to focus on your back, shoulders, and abs with the repetitions from the kit.

The resistance bands are strong, and you can stretch them out without the fear of having them break. The ab workout kit comes with pictures that demonstrate how you can use the kit. You do not have to stick to pictures as you can incorporate your own routines. The beauty of the ab kit is that you do not have to be a professional to use the kit. Everyone can use the kit, from beginners to professional athletes.

The good points

1.) The wheel is ultra-wide, which offers more stability and gives you comfort.

2.) The non-slip TPR gives you a grip on the wheel

3.) The knee pad will keep you comfortable and protect your knees from the hard floor.

4.) The push-up handles are sturdy, giving you more time to exercise without straining your hands.

5.) The set is easy to use and offers a variety of ways to work out.

The bad points

1.) The kneepad is not too wide.

2.) The roller is made of plastic which some people may not like.


If you are looking for a routine you can incorporate into your workout; this is all the equipment you will need. This ab workout is effective, and you can do it in the comfort of your home or carry it with you and use it on holiday. The wheel is wide enough to keep you comfortable as you exercise, which is rare for most wheels. The resistance band accommodates people of different heights, and you can use it without worrying about it breaking.

What are others saying?

Amazon ID Marco

Let me preface by saying I’m in my upper 60’s. When it came, I put it together in about 2 minutes. The knee pad is fine if you keep your knees together. If you put your knees hip width apart, you’ll need another pad. No big deal. The pad is just something extra. The push up handles are great for me. When I do them on the floor, my wrists start to hurt quickly. These allow you to keep your wrist straight and you can vary the width and positioning easily to target different muscles and get a little more extension.
Now for the roller. It rolls well on hard floors as well as thick carpet. The handles do slip some if you’re not careful of your form. I did a few roll outs when I got it and waited until the next day to see if I was sore. Didn’t feel much so I tried again the next day. Holy, swear words, Batman, core muscles were extremely sore. What was I thinking, trying this two days in a row? If I can get my stomach muscles back into shape like I want to, this thing will help me do it. I’m not ready yet for the resistance bands, but It’s a keeper.

Amazon ID Taxlady

My colleague and I tried this out at work. It was easy to use. I will be incorporating it into my workout routine. It has pictures of different ways to use it. I like the variety it can add to my workouts.

Amazon ID Eric Hamilton

I’ve been using ad wheels for about 18 years. In 2018, I suffered a minor chest injury from lifting weights. This minor injury made it painful to use ad wheels. For nearly 2 years, I had not worked out with an ab wheel. After 2 years I was ready to start using an ab wheel again but I lost a lot of core strength and could not effectively use any wheel. So, I purchased this ad roller. The elastic bands were just what I needed to give me the assistance to complete an effective workout. After about 1 month of using the elastic bands and ad roller, my abs were strong enough to use the ab roller without the elastic bands. I highly recommend this product for beginner and advanced users.

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