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Let us talk about healthy eating and the convenience of food dehydrators with the Cosori Food dehydrator.

Whether you are one of those people who are into healthy eating or you have a well-tended backyard garden and you would love to preserve your product or you are the adventurous backpacker who would prefer something other than protein bars to sustain you, this device will make you enjoy your life at a very affordable price.

Coming in a horizontal flow design, the Cosori Food Dehydrator is made entirely of very long-lasting food-grade stainless steel with a compact shelf design that accommodates six pull-out trays. This gives you enough room to stack your desired food item there so that you can get to enjoy it with the entire family. The trays are dishwasher safe and are also made of the same steel as the body, making them rust-free yet easy to clean.

It has a stylish black door that makes it aesthetically appealing for your kitchen counter and has all the necessary and practical accessories like the fruit roll sheet and the wire mesh to maximize utility. The appliance also guarantees you total control of your cooking experience as it comes with precise digital temperature controls to allow you to control the heat.

With a rear-mounted fan and an automatic overheating protection mechanism, this device is very safe and easy to use whether you are a pro or a newbie. Packed with all these cool features, the appliance manages to pull out its tasks quietly, without disturbing the peaceful environment of your kitchen. For the best outcome, you have to make sure that your food is approximately the same thickness and that you do not overlap them while dehydrating. To help you get started on some different recipes, the appliance has an included recipe book to see the variety of things you can try out.

About Cosori Food Dehydrator:

  • The Cosori food dehydrator is a compact, stylish appliance that is made from very durable, food-grade stainless steel.
  • With some digital temperature controls that allow you precise heat control and some safety mechanisms to eliminate overheating, it comes out very user-friendly and easy to use.
  • It is also dishwasher safe.
  • It also comes with six trays and enough room for more products, some cool accessories, and an added recipe book to allow you to explore all the things you can try out for your healthy eating.

The Good

  1. Good temperature control
  2. Durable and food-grade stainless steel trays and interior
  3. Has an automatic shut-off
  4. Comes with a recipe book
  5. Easy clean-up

The bad

  1. Some types of foods cannot be dried at the same time

Should you buy it?

The Cosori food dehydrator gives you value for your money. It is very solid and steady, the appliance is very stylish unlike other dehydrators and it is very easy to use and clean up. Not only is it outwardly appealing, but it also gives you quality food and very precise temperature control. The verdict is you will not go wrong with this appliance.

What others are saying?

Amazon ID: Kathy DeFoor Metzger

If you are looking for a quality-built dehydrator that is an extremely quiet machine, then put this one in your buggy! Easy to set up and use. Packaged very well. No damage. To start… Place your prepared fruit/veggies/meats/herbs/flowers etc on the stainless steel racks (6) and set the time and temp and walk away…you can open the door at any time to turn things if you want and/ or see it all thru the glass door. The timer shows the remaining time left and the temperature you set. Nice feature. I figured it would be stuffed in a closet, and not allowed to sit out when not used….but it seriously looks like a mini oven and not big and chunky. Sleek. Yet, it amazingly holds a lot of items. Nice addition to using every day. Loved the cookbook that came with it. Very detailed. A section to let you know precisely what temp and time to use for things you are drying. Quality product. Don’t hesitate to buy. Shipping was so fast I wasn’t prepared to start dehydrating, so I sent the hubby to the store. Hehe

I would suggest buying more liners for smaller items or using parchment cut to size, not wax paper.

Quality product, fast shipping, easy to use, large capacity, QUIET, nice sleek design, and free items…why would you keep looking

Amazon ID: Julie

I like this dehydrator, beginning with the loquats, mulberries, lemons, oranges, and flowers. The machine is quiet, the stainless steel meshes are easy to clean. I only wish there is a smaller grid of stainless mesh available for purchase because I don’t like to use plastic for drying the food which I am going to eat later. I want to dry goji berries and loquat seeds. Overall this is a good dehydrator, and I am drying a lot of fruits. It tasted pretty good, and didn’t lose flavor.

Amazon ID: Becky Osborn

All I can say is this is a great dehydrator, I’m sure there are a few lemons for everything, but I didn’t get one. I got this around June 3rd, 2019, and it has been used for many hours and many things. The recipe book is also great. if you like the benefits of dehydrating then this is the unit you want, thank you

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